FAD Diets (Juice Diet) – Why it didn’t work for me – Part II

The Juice Diet

The next FAD diet I went on was the Juice Diet.

The Juice diet is about consuming juice extracted from fruits and vegetables only while abstaining from eating other foods.

In 150BC, the Dead Sea Scrolls mentioned a desert tribe from ancient Israel that mashed figs and pomegranates to extract their juice. Dr Max Gerson, in the 1920s, created a juice diet that was claimed to have cancer curing benefits. In 1930, Dr Norman Walker developed the first juicer called the Norwalk. The machine could grate and squeeze fruits and vegetables and the pulp which went into a linen bag was pressed with a hydraulic press to get the juice out.

The Juice diet became even more popular when Joe Cross in his 2010 documentary, ‘Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead’, lost about six stones while going on a juice diet for 60 days.

A close friend of mine had also been on this diet and raved about it’s benefits and how she was able to lose a lot of weight. She did lose a lot of weight while she was on the diet.

I purchased a juicer and commenced on the Juice Diet. This diet is not to be confused with making smoothies where you blend the fruits and veg together to form a drink.

All I had for a couple of weeks was juice, just juice. I lost quite a bit of weight during this time about 6kg.

At the end of that period, I was having serious withdrawal symptoms. By the way, did I mention that I love food? All that drinking and not eating was doing my head in and I could no longer take it. I went back to my old ways and like the last diet, the weight came back.

Watch out for Part III.



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